Buyer Expectations

To All prospective puppy buyers and those who need guidance

Before selecting a breeder, make calls, send emails and get a sense of who you are happy with.

There are many Golden breeders out there, and l would say most would comply with rules and regulations, but all MUST comply with ANKC rules and the rules of each state body which we are members off.

All puppies must be registered with the controlling body we are members with.
All puppies MUST be vaccinated, and micro chipped.
All parents must have their hips and elbows xrayed and scored by a authorized scorer and not by their vet. The vet takes the xrays but those are sent to various readers to read and score accordingly.

All puppies should be wormed at least 3 times before departure, and should always be sold with a vets health clearance.

Not always can you sight the sire, as breeders sometimes use dogs which they dont own or reside with them. So dont take offence if we say you cannot sight the sire, however most usually have their are photos of the sires owners web site to view.

Viewing of puppies is at our discretion, and we always have a viewing day where all buyers come and see the puppies.

Due to recent HIGH THEFTS viewing may not occur. You need to understand this is not personal, but steps one must make. All Santamaria breeding stock are Hip, Elbow, Eye and DNA profiled. Something that most breeders also or should do. All our original certificates can be viewed by NO copies are permitted, a very good reason is, we had our certificates stolen once, and used elsewhere, so we now take reasonable precautions to stop this from ever happening again.

The most important issue for us is to produce sound puppies. Our homes are of the utmost importance to us.

Temperament and socialization, is also of the utmost importance.

Price as you will be advised by other breeders can vary , there are NO rules, ask your questions, and be happy , every breeder should be able to answer any questions easily, fluently, and with lots of important information and rationale at their hands. In other words the answers should be able to roll of their tongue in a easy manner of which you understand.
And lastly, all breeders must be registered with their state body. It is not a rule to be a member of their breed club. And false or misleading information is unfair and actually FALSE to all breeders and buyers. Be aware of any unscrupulous breeder making disparaging remarks about another breeder, this is against our rule’s and regulations. If you are interested in a puppy from us, please send us a email, we will in turn reply as quickly as we can. I would hope that all breeders would at least return emails regardless if they have puppies or not. At the end of the day, the BREED to us is the most important factor, we breed for the betterment of the breed. Greed and politics are of no importance of us, and we would never discredit any other breeder, it would also be against our rules to do so. PRICES may increase due to increase in everything else, so if this occurs you have a opportunity to cancel your order or continue, it is up to you. Prices can differ per litter and per puppy which is the discretion of any breeder. I hope this gives you some guide to choosing a breeder and we wish you luck on your journey. Also please Note, although all our breeding stock carry all ANKC necessary health checks there is still no guarantee there will be no issues, NO breeder can guarantee this, we do as much as we can do.


We do export puppies and semen to approved buyers. Please email us with any enquiries