About Us

Santamaria Kennels was established in 1965. We have been in Goldens since 1962. One of the oldest names in Australia.

Santamaria has been responsible for the deliverance of some of Australia’s, New Zealand’s and America’s top dogs.

I was introduced to the dog world at a very young age . This year l celebrate 58 years in Golden Retrievers and 58 years of showing dogs. l have been the sole owner of Santamaria for many years now since my parents decided to retire.

Santamaria has produced over 96 show & Obedience champions & are world renowned international breeders. We have imported & exported Golden s to many parts of the world.

We have imported 3 Nortonwood bred dogs from England.

l exhibit enthusiastically with my Golden s all over Australia but my home is Victoria.
I am a ANKC ALL BREEDS JUDGE. . l have held positions on many clubs and am a member of the UK Golden Retriever club, Dogs Victoria and a committee member of the Gundog Club of Victoria. All stock at Santamaria is eye, AVA hip scored & heart tested and all hold certificates for these.

We breed with one thing in mind. To breed the best to the best. We aim to produce sound golden s of which can be used for showing, obedience, field work, pet, pets as therapy. Santamaria are noted as one of Victoria’s top kennel and noted throughout Australia for unique quality. We are international renowned breeders. To be renowned as a reputable kennel never balances on your stud dogs but on the quality of your bitches. A kennel cannot possibly produce top stock without the foundation of sound bitches. Santamaria pride ourselves of only breeding with bitches which are sound and conform to the breed standard as close as possible. We will not breed from bitches who cannot hold themselves at international show level and pass all testing. When placing a order with us we have terms and conditions which are all disclosed to you at the time of your inquiry. Everything at our kennel is in writing so there can be no misunderstandings. All our children have a interest in dogs.